State of Mind is a live music event with the goal to spread awareness and raise funds for mental health support.

State of Mind is a fundraiser music festival event with the goal to raise awareness, drive conversation and raise funds for mental health support and intervention in Australia.

"Our goal is to support the narrative of creating positive connections, strengthening relationships, and being a catalyst for people to open up to their loved ones / professionals to start that difficult conversation about mental health if they’re suffering in silence.“

The event will follow a similar formula to our flagship event Coastal Jam hosted at the Torquay Hotel but with all proceeds going to the mental health charity we partner with.

Kicking off in the afternoon and showcasing a diverse range of national and local live and electronic music talent across 2 stages. 

State of Mind will provide a safe, welcoming space for people to come together and learn the importance of checking on your mates and knowing that it’s okay to speak up.

People don’t have to suffer in silence.

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