Horror House

Who said we don’t celebrate Halloween here in Australia? Since its inception in 2017 our blood-curdling Horror House has brought in a full house of 500+ every year.

Horror House was born on the bleedingly obvious fact that halloween parties in Australia are cringe, cheap and nasty let's face it...
But at UNO.

What do we do when we see a problem or a demand that needs to be met?

Of course we grab our scythe, dark hooded cloak, pick up the phone and go to work.

"We wanted to create an unforgettable Halloween experience that was genuinely scary, a whole lot of fun and enhanced with great music!"

Something that was ACTUALLY scary, fun and topped off with great music.

With HorrorHouse we have achieved that.

A no dress up no entry policy, meticulous attention to detail when it comes to production and decorations.

Leaving no stone unturned creating an indelible, spine-chilling experience like nothing else in Australia.


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