Coastal Jam

Coastal Jam is a boutique festival tour that provides a series of 6 (and growing) intimate music and arts showcase along the western coast of Victoria and beyond every summer.

Each of the locations features world-class headliners, along with a carefully crafted selection of the best local artists. 

All Coastal Jam events are held at locations with or close to views of the beach to elevate the senses creating unforgettable experiences.

"The solution?... to deliver shows that rival the best experiences in capital cities so patrons have a damn good reason to visit and plan a weekend away at beautiful, culturally rich, coastal Victorian towns."

If you can picture the craziest event possible in a coastal pub and beyond, then you’ve got Coastal Jam.

The idea for Coastal Jam was the following...

There are heaps of people in the beautiful coastal towns of Victoria over the holiday periods, with nothing to do.

The solution?... to deliver shows that rival the best experiences in capital cities so patrons have a damn good reason to visit and plan a weekend away at beautiful, culturally rich, coastal Victorian towns.

We started our journey with the BREAKTHROUGH success in Geelong with our weekly night of UNO Danceclub at Bloom JAMMING out the 500 capacity venue for 3 years, every. single. week.
This triumph paved the way for our growth into the festival space.
From Geelong to Warrnambool there was an absence of quality events that Melburnians were simply spoilt for choice of.

The opportunity was there to create a legacy brand that will for future years dominate the coastal market for Victoria and finally meet the demand for what was for a period of time a starved market.

With UNO Danceclub pumping week in week out in 2016, a strong foundation was there for us to leapfrog off and really give a red hot crack jumping into the festival space the following year.

Using the strong community and relationships we had built over the few years we’d been in the game to reach out and find partners that would be able to facilitate this dream we had.

The story of Coastal Jam started in 2017 with a BOLD move...


The Coastal town of Lorne at the Lorne Hotel.

A stunning venue that had not been able to put together a consistent event offering, until we came along.

For a little bit of context.

A common theme amongst our story is the venues we partner with never imagined in their wildest dreams accomplishing what we had in mind.

(...or even thought of it for that matter)

Filling the venue to the brim with eager Music fans. 

World-class artists such as some of our favourite Australian dance artists such as Late Nite Tuff Guy, Touch Sensitive and Benson.

And redefining the production playbook of what can be done to create an unforgettable experience from start to finish within the confines of a venue.

(...we didn’t hold back then, and yes nothings changed)

With result-driven marketing campaigns laser-focused on scratching that itch that the locals didn’t know they had.

Of course, it was going to be a hit.

Our second event sold out in a month, we were onto something…
So, as you do when you think you’re going to be the Gary Vee of Regional Vic events. 

We stormed the k-mart and cleaned 'em out for all their whiteboards to fill the house with.

(... flick me an email if you don’t believe me 😂)

It was time to build something special.

The following year we threw an additional jam at the Torquay Hotel.
Both Lorne and Torquay sold out in rapid succession.

Not only is this a huge success for UNO and Coastal Jam but our venue partners.

As this not only woke them up to an opportunity they had been oblivious to but opened the door to a whole new market they didn’t even know they could tap into.

Not only consistently breaking bar sale records...
...but creating future opportunities for them to explore the fruits of the events industry through working with a partner like UNO / Coastal Jam.

Fast forward to today we have stamped our authority in all key regional hubs across coastal Victoria.

Geelong, Torquay, Lorne and Warrnambool.

Each year of festival-goers from around Victoria across our  events ( afterparties) travel to see artists such as Claptone, Bag Raiders, Maribou State, CC:DISCO and so much more.

What does the future hold for Coastal Jam?

To continue to scale in and outside of Victoria.

Delivering to the coastal markets of Australia that are just DYING for a world-class festival on their doorsteps with the best artists the world has to offer.


Continue developing life long, meaningful connections in the industry to accelerate our goal of uniting people through dance.

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